Capital time

I am fortunate to have met some great photographers through the internet.

I have friends in almost every Australian State and Territory and quite a few countries to boot. I had a top few days with some in Canberra recently.

Day two was busy

A gallery visit, getting caught in the fog


… autumn colour by the lake, a wedding photo session to crash, dogs to meet and children to enjoy



New camera – new shot at blogging

I’m studying again and using my as the fog clears blog as a digital journal for the course.   I thought I’d give this blog another go as I’ve been away, got a new camera and have some more travel plans.

With the journal I’m on the wordpress site almost daily and adding to this one is like taking a cup of sugar next door.

The big news is I succumbed and said step to the side Canon 6D for the EOS 5DMk IV.

I love my 6D and really look forward to looking like a gun slinger with a second body on the side.

Cash in hand I negotiated a pretty good deal and collected the new family member in Canberra last week enroute to a fotofest with friends.

I’ve been getting used to the different back and buttons and menus, but I’ve taken a few good shots as well and am getting into the way of it.

My only concern has been the amount of battery use – no I am not using live view, I do not have the wifi connected, nor am I using the touch screen much – it seems that each day I need to charge them, and I would not want to be without a spare in the bag just in case.

I am shooting mostly manual and finding it pretty responsive. It’s a little heavier and I need to get my horizon straight on a few but that could be the way I am holding it with a different black rapid strap and back pack arrangement.

It has been a challenge but one I think I rose to over a couple of weeks on the road.

You be the judge.


Wildside of macro

Last night I was lucky enough to get one of the few spots at the Canon Collective hands on and up-close macro workshop with Vince from Aussie Wildlife Displays featuring a range of Australian reptiles, amphibians and marsupials.

Using an EOS 5DS R and macro lenses and a range of Canon speedlites,  I learnt how to light and capture (and miss) some amazing macro images in a studio setting.

Check out my images on Flickr here


Better late than ….

Well I had all the best intentions to regularly share my year of creativity and then it just got busier and busier and the time just got away

However, I’m not going to shy away from revisiting blogging I’m going to give it another go.


Dogwood 52 challenge – Metal

I am pleased to report I’ve kept up over the last 14 weeks with each of the weekly challenges already discussed, and picked up a fortnightly one as well.

 It’s a tricky set designed by fellow photographers who are sharing a host of influences and stimulating knowledge.

Each submission is shared on the emcamproductions facebook page in the Year of Creativity album.

My personal 2016 #816pm instagram visual diary continues, and is already an interesting collection of my life in mostly iPhone pictures.

I’ve  enrolled in an Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts, so bare with my lapses in posting and enjoy my enthusiasm for learning.

The challenge images over at emcamproductions on Facebook if you’re interested, can be found by clicking here.

A challenging week


Well I knew my first week would be busy and I have been pleased with meeting the various challenges it has thrown.

Personally I have been sick as a dog for most of it, but creatively I am feeling positive.

My 2016 daily mobile phone challenge has indeed been challenging. Not for topic but because twice at 8.16pm I had to grab a nearby phone while mine was either flat, or not with me charging. There is no point if I am not going to be true to the time each day, and am already wondering how I will cope if at the movies or theatre, or the phone is not within reach.

We were in Melbourne for most of this week as well. Settling into a new flat and getting to know the neighbourhood. I will be a partime local in the second bedroom of our daughter’s flat in return for a minor weekly rent contribution. Win, win as they say.

The 52week challenge group and Mansfield Photography Group are sharing the same challenges this year so two birds with one stone for my self portrait posted earlier in the week. 52weekchallenge is a new group and they already have become unwieldy with over 8000 members last count. I have decided not to follow them but to continue posting, looking and doing the challenges. There is only a limited amount of Facebook time in any day.

Camera Shy 52’s challenge of NEW saw me looking for a new way to cover a favourite shot of pencil sharpening from a couple of years ago. With boughts of coughing and sneezing it was not so easy to set up and secure focus. But I am fairly pleased with the result.

 I used a tripod and my iPhone torch for lighting on top of our induction stove, there is a bit of post production but not a lot. Ideally the only focus point should be the tip of the pencil and I am disappointed that the shaving is in as  well as it adds distraction. However I am pretty pleased with how it worked out and it is original within the group.

Finally and perhaps most excitedly the group is going to be the real discovery of the year.  The challenges are announced weekly, well presented with loads of info about how to address them.  The standard of the challenge (this is not a competition) is really competition worthy and I know I will learn a lot from the feedback offered to participants already.

My submission for their week one B&W MINIMALISM was a new image12541161_1083161961717396_4365420026948805890_n based on an old favourite #firstlight but the light was much harsher as it was taken in the middle of the day and the shapes, thrown by the sun under the curtains, completely new and unexpected.

12400686_1083163865050539_7690041911871580576_nAs I was sick I could not get out and about and wanted to use a new image, my second choice was the shower door handle. Think I like it best but actually like them both as both on topic.

So back to cleaning the camera gear ready for my next set of challenges and the year of creativity.